Thursday, September 29, 2016

Earl Gray and Outsider Poetry

Watching All the Colors of the Dark again and laying on the heating pad. Just finished my yoga for the day, and had my final cup of tea. September in Northern Illinois is a confusing time. Half the day I've had the heater on, and now I have the windows open trying to get it cool so I can sleep. 

Originally I began drinking Earl Gray tea so I could stop drinking diet soda because I take Warfarin and I wanted to reduce the amount of stomach acid I have. I have been drinking it for about five years thinking I was doing myself a favor. Certainly it had to be better for me than soda pop.

But lately I've has nausea quite a few days. Nausea even without heartburn.

This is frightening because if I start to bleed it will be hard to stop it, so I'm not trying to ween myself off of tea and/or consume it in a more sensible manner. For instance, I didn't know it was a bad idea to drink it either with an empty stomach or a full stomach. It makes sense once you know why, but I usually have tea right when I wake up, and after I eat. So apparently I'm consuming it all wrong. 

I'd hate to give it up altogether because it's the one indulgence I allow myself. Of course I had been having a cheat day once or twice a month where I do drink some Tab Cola and eat chocolate. I think these days are over entirely. Of course I really have been pushing it lately. More beers, more chicken wings and fatty foods. Sodas. If I am sensible and cut all of these things to the bare minimum I may be able to keep a few cups of tea a day in my life.

I hope so. 

Finished a couple of outsider poems I had been working on a couple of weeks ago. Then I organized all the poems I had written since my last book into a file. Have been crazy worried about this nut Trump winning the election between being obsessed with my health and financial strains.

Feels good to talk about it. To myself. 

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